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Areas of Expertise


Anxiety can look differently for people. Perhaps you are experiencing excessive worry or irrational fear.  Anxiety can be about future things or over-analyzing the past.  It may feel excruciating to make a decision or perhaps you don't think before you do something.  



Depression is vast in its presentation.  It can look like boredom, decreased interest in activities, poor sleep hygiene, isolation, hopelessness and irritability.  Perhaps life feels dull. It can also feel very scary, like you have lost control and may even have suicidal thoughts or fantasies.   


Living with trauma can feel like continuously treading water in an unpredictable ocean.  It can be disruptive to your life and derail your progress.  Trauma is very different for everyone even though some symptoms might be the same.  Perhaps you lived through a traumatic experience, witnessed something scary, are living with or have a history of abuse, or are living with racial and systemic trauma. It can take away your sense of power and control.     

Life Changes/Stress

Sudden changes can feel overwhelming and may cause you to question your strength or resiliency. Perhaps you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders or have a lot of people depending on you.  Maybe you are a new mom feeling understandably overwhelmed and dealing with an increase of anxiety or sadness.  School pressure and academic expectations may feel daunting.  The job you loved might not be enjoyable anymore.  Or perhaps navigating the waves of relationships feels endless.

Whatever you are struggling with, know you are not alone and I am here to help.  If you are dealing with any of the above, please email me to get started on a healing path to a healthy future. 

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